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Job Description

ARM Secretary

RESPONSIBLE TO: Spiritual Guardian

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Committed Maltfriscans



Provide administrative support for the ARM both during the year, and for the ARM during Chapter of Mats.



  • Support the Spiritual Guardian in maintaining the good order of the community.

  • Attend and provide administrative support for management committee meetings (ARM):

  • coordinate dates for ARM meetings (usually 3 during the year), send details and agendas to ARM members

  • prepare agendas for ARM in consultation with the Spiritual Guardian and ensure these are published in Bripper

  • take minutes at ARM and distribute via emails and Bripper

  • Ensure the community abides by its policies and priorities

  • Manage the Maltfriscan email account

  • Keep the Great Universal ‘Friscan Address List (GUFAL) updated

  • Store all documents on the Maltfriscan Hard Drive (including audio files from CoM)

  • Provide administrative support to the ARM for CoM preparation:

  • in consultation with the ARM, create and populate the CoM timetable

  • in consultation with the CoM Co-ordinator, create the CoM job list

  • ensure everyone asked to do a job has been contacted and has the required information

  • prepare and print evaluation forms

  • bring to Chapter of Mats various administrative items necessary for the smooth running of the week (for example, lists of committed members and members by area, voting boxes and slips)

  • Provide administrative support to the ARM during CoM

  • prepare announcements with MCs

  • prepare business session (AGM) agenda with the facilitators

  • take minutes of the business session

  • update the GUFAL

  • update Data Protection forms (every 3 years).

  • Various administrative duties after CoM

  • ensure evaluation forms are typed up and available for the first ARM after CoM

  • ensure the minutes of the CoM business session are published in the Bripper

  • distribute the updated GUFAL.


  • Ensure business is communicated in a timely and accessible manner to support the ARM and facilitate the smooth running of the community

  • Facilitate communication channels for the community (GUFAL email etc).



  • Cooperate with the Maltfriscan Community Safeguarding Officer

  • Be familiar with and comply with Safeguarding policies and procedures and promote good

  • Ensure all local activities operate within Safeguarding principles


  • Commitment to the teachings of the Catholic Church

  • A committed Maltfriscan

  • A willingness and ability to give suitable time to the responsibilities of the role

  • The ability to communicate and relate with respect and ease to children and adults

  • Knowledge of GDPR and other regulations necessary for the role

NB          This role is shared between two people

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