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Job Description

Novitiate Coordinator

RESPONSIBLE TO: Spiritual Guardian

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Committed Maltfriscans



To enable a clear and loving entry into the Maltfriscan Community.



  • Support the Spiritual Guardian in maintaining the good order of the community

  • Attend management committee meetings (ARM) where appropriate

  • Ensure the community abides by its policies and priorities

  • Welcome newcomers to CoM and extend an invitation to attend the welcome meeting

  • Organise welcome meeting at CoM and explain commitments to Maltfriscan Rule

  • Liaise with Secretary, Area Reps and Youth Ministry Coordinator

  • Meet at CoM with Young Maltfriscans considering committing to the Adult Rule for the first time

  • Liaise with Spiritual Guardian and organise Commitments Mass and a ceremony for those committing to the Maltfriscan Rule for the first time

  • Ensure newcomers have details of helpful contacts

  • Ensure contact details of newcomers are added to the community’s contact list and data protection forms completed

  • Develop material/resources for enquirers/novitiates to use during the year to reflect on the Maltfriscan Rule

  • Take an active role in planning and organising enquirers/novitiate retreats.


  • Ensure appropriate formation of enquirers/novitiates

  • Be responsive to the needs of enquirers/novitiates

  • Ensure newcomers have ample opportunities at CoM to ask questions and are invited to consider undertaking an enquirer/novitiate year

  • Ensure enquirers are linked with at least one, preferably two prayer partners to reflect on the Maltfriscan Rule, who will be their main point of contact through the year

  • For those who have completed a year of reflection on the Maltfriscan Rule arrange a commitment ceremony, usually the final Mass of CoM.



  • Cooperate with the Maltfriscan Community Safeguarding Officer

  • Be familiar with and comply with Safeguarding policies and procedures and promote good practice

  • Ensure all local activities operate within Safeguarding principles.



  • Commitment to the teachings of the Catholic Church

  • A committed Maltfriscan

  • A willingness and ability to give suitable time to the responsibilities of the role

  • The ability to communicate and relate with respect and ease to children and adults.

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