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Job Description

Safeguarding Officer

RESPONSIBLE TO: Spiritual Guardian

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Committed Maltfriscans



To take the lead for ensuring and assuring good Safeguarding practice in the community.



  • Support the Spiritual Guardian in maintaining the good order of the Community

  • Attend management committee meetings (ARM) where appropriate

  • Ensure the Community abides by its policies and priorities

  • Keep a record of all under 18 and vulnerable adult activities within the community and those in leadership roles

  • Deliver Safeguarding training in the community

  • Ensure that all volunteers working with young people understand and adopt a safe code of conduct

  • Ensure the safe recruitment of volunteers takes place by:

  • asking all volunteers to complete appropriate application forms

  • arranging for references to be taken up

  • administering the DBS disclosure process

  • Arrange training

  • Ensure the safe planning and organisation of COM.


  • Be available to discuss matters of concern with members of the community

  • Ensure to reflect the views of local concern accurately

  • Ensure appropriate formation within the local area especially for Enquirers.



  • Assist the Spiritual Guardian in the implementation of Safeguarding Policies

  • Be familiar with and comply with Safeguarding policies and procedures and promote good practice

  • Ensure that the Maltfriscan Community operates within the Safeguarding principles of the Catholic Church.



  • Commitment to the teachings of the Catholic Church

  • A committed Maltfriscan

  • Be a trusted person within the community and have skills of tact, resilience, communication and understanding to undertake this vital role

  • Be sensitive to the concerns of volunteers, in particular in relation to aspects concerning form completion and on-going supervision and monitoring and be able to explain the requirements of volunteers to comply with the policy

  • the ability to put the principle of the paramount welfare of the child (or vulnerable adult) first in any decision-making about children or vulnerable adults and not to be swayed by external pressures to depart from this principle

  • A willingness and ability to give suitable time to the responsibilities of the role.

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