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Job Description

Spiritual Guardian

RESPONSIBLE TO: Committed Maltfriscans

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Committed Maltfriscans



The Spiritual Guardian is a servant leader, is elected for a period of 2 years and is entrusted with the duty to maintain good order in the Maltfriscan Community.

In order to facilitate decision-making during the year, those elected to posts within the community act as an authoritative body in conjunction with the Spiritual Guardian. The SG meets with the Area Reps and others elected to posts within the community at least three times in a given calendar year.

The Spiritual Guardian with the area representatives and any others elected to posts within the community attend the Area Rep Meetings (ARM) and make decisions by consensus on behalf of the community in the period between Chapters of Mats.



  • The Spiritual Guardian is the servant leader of the Maltfriscan Community

  • Chair the Area Reps Meeting (the management committee of the community)

  • Ensure the community abides by its policies and priorities

  • Prayerfully maintain and protect the good order and governance of the community through:

    • coordinating Area Rep Meetings – ensure appropriate paperwork and minute taker for meetings

    • chair or if necessary appoint Chair for Area Rep meetings

    • approve minutes before circulation to community

    • consult with Area Reps on issues that arise between AR meetings

    • lead or appoint Chair for AGM (CoM) sessions

    • appoint minute taker for LC Voting session

  • Ensure regular communication with and throughout the community

  • Ensure appropriate representation of the community at a local and national level, when required.



  • Support and guide the work of those in leadership roles in the community

  • Be available to listen to the views of the community and provide (or advise) appropriate counsel when necessary

  • Ensure appropriate formation and spiritual development of the community.



  • Be responsible for this area in conjunction with the Maltfriscan Community Safeguarding Officer

  • Ensure those who occupy a leadership role through the course of community activities are aware of Safeguarding policies

  • Ensure, where appropriate, that DBS checks have been undertaken and keep appropriate records

  • Be familiar with National Child Protection Policies and promote good practice

  • Record keeping and notification as appropriate.



  • Commitment to the teachings of the Catholic Church

  • A committed Maltfriscan

  • A willingness and ability to give suitable time to the responsibilities of the role

  • The ability to communicate and relate with respect and ease to children and adults.

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