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                         "Sing a new song"

8.00am    Meditation

Surely 8am is an urban myth, and it happens every day - really?


8.30am   Breakfast

Muesli if your continental, bacon and eggs if your Northern, but it's just strong coffee for the South !!

9.00am    Wake up & Shake up

First thing in the morning we will dance and sing a song of joy ... ' I feel alive ! (Might need a lie down after though, whew!)

9.30am    Morning Prayer

Morning prayer is intended and arranged to sanctify the morning. St. Basil the Great gives an excellent description of this character in these words: "It is said in the morning in order that the first stirrings of our mind and will may be consecrated to God and that we may take nothing in hand until we have been gladdened by the thought of God, as it is written: 'I was mindful of God and was glad' (Ps 77:4)."

The Decade of the Rosary

10.00am  Frances Norton

                  Returning to the Rule: 

                    Where are we called to be?

1.15pm      Coffee Break

Another caffeine hit to see us through till lunch

11.45am  Business Session


1.00pm    Lunch

and recover from IBS (Irritable Business Session)

2.00pm   Workshops



Music Recording


3.30pm   Afternoon Tea

Ever tried Lapsang souchong ? It's a tea apparently

4.00pm   Commitments Mass

Celebration of Mass


5.30pm   Evening Prayer (Vespers)

Vespers, also called Evening Prayer, is part of the Liturgy of the Hours, also known as the Divine Office. In the Liturgy of the Hours, the Church fulfils Jesus' command to "pray always" (Luke 18:1; see also 1 Thessalonians 5:17). Through this prayer, the people of God sanctify the day by continual praise of God and prayers of intercession for the needs of the world. 

6.00pm   Dinner 

Who's hoping for Fish n' Chips (with mushy peas)?


7.00pm   Party

Get you glad rags on ( or least grungiest t-shirt) its party time

10.00pm  Night Prayer

Night prayer is the last prayer of the day, said before we head to bed. The Psalms that are chosen for Night Prayer are full of confidence in the Lord. As children of the promise we gather in that confidence and end our day together. 

* Some sessions maybe streamed/recorded and available via you-tube for those unable to join in person. 

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