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Job Description

Music Coordinator

RESPONSIBLE TO: Spiritual Guardian

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Committed Maltfriscans



To co-ordinate and/or assist with music ministry at the Chapter of Mats and other events throughout the year. To co-ordinate and assist with other community music ventures throughout the year.



  • Support the Spiritual Guardian in maintaining the good order of the community

  • Attend management committee meetings (ARM) where appropriate

  • Ensure the community abides by its policies and priorities (specifically concerning its music)

  • Provide and manage resources necessary for music ministry throughout CoM

  • Update relevant music domains where necessary: e.g. copyright, Dropbox, Spotify etc.

  • Coordinate musicians in the community to provide music ministry during CoM and other community events

  • Develop the publication of community music through multi-media, recording, song books etc.

  • Take an active role in the planning and organisation of COM.


  • Actively support those leading and participating in music ministry in whatever need is necessary

  • Strive to ensure that all music ministry meets the spiritual and liturgical needs of worship

  • Constantly develop and improve good practice and knowledge to better serve the community.  



  • Cooperate with the Maltfriscan Community Safeguarding Officer

  • Be familiar with and comply with Safeguarding policies and procedures and promote good practice

  • Ensure all music ministry operates within the Safeguarding principles and practices of the community.



  • Be committed to the teachings of the Catholic Church

  • A committed Maltfriscan

  • A willingness and ability to give suitable time to the responsibilities of the role

  • The ability to communicate and relate with respect to members of the community

  • Be a competent musician

  • Be able to work as a team and delegate responsibilities where appropriate

  • Be organised and efficient with time

  • Have relevant experience of music ministry

  • Have knowledge of liturgical practice within the Catholic Church

  • Have some knowledge of electrical sound systems and PA equipment or be willing to learn.

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